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Q & A With Melanie:

These 90 minute sessions give Movement Professionals the opportunity to ask questions specific to a therapeutic movement topic or a client condition.  Melanie will facilitate the session and answer your questions with her critical reasoning expertise.  You'll have time to discuss key points to understanding etiology, common issues and approaches.  Registration closes 24 hours prior to the start time of the workshop.  Paid participants will receive a video recording with access for one week.

  • Who Can Participate: Movement Professionals who are Pilates-based instructors or licensed health providers with a minimum requirement of 2 years teaching clients one-on-one
  • Appropriate Questions: Specific client experience summarized into short queries, anything related to understanding symptoms or disease process, critical reasoning, and goal setting and exercise programming.
  • Rules of the Forum: Please come with an open mind prepared for an open discussion.  Sessions are a safe place for everyone to participate and ask questions to expand their knowledge.  Maintaining the privacy of client information is mandatory so we ask that you not share a client's full name or details that would identify them.
  • CECs: Not available but a letter of completion will be sent after post-session feedback.

Q&A with Melanie: The Q&A on the DRA: Core Setting & Exercise Selection for Clients with Diastasis

Friday, October 18, 2024, 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm PST on Zoom

Rectus Diastasis, or DRA, is common after pregnancy, but also affects men. The location, length, width and functional impact vary dramatically. Some DRA resolve spontaneously, some improve with core setting and exercise, and some require surgery. Opinions on how to measure a DRA, what exercises are helpful and which are contraindicated. In this 90 minute session, Melanie will give a brief overview, and then participants will discuss the topic and ask questions.

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