Complex Client Consultation

When fitness or rehab progress stalls with your complex client and the logical movement approaches are no longer working, it can be intimidating to pause and look at the issue from a new perspective.  In client scenarios, you may notice multiple issues influencing or interacting with each other, or sometimes there’s only a nagging persistent tension or tightness that goes unresolved.  Every movement instructor knows how frustrating it is to see what’s possible for their client while simultaneously searching for better resources and guidance among their professional peers.  

Mentorship along with developing an eye for optimal movement is invaluable to movement professionals.  Melanie Byford-Young, twenty-five years acclaimed and highly sought-after movement assessment consultant, offers complex client consultations to guide you and your client through a 75 minute evaluation.  She will evaluate the client, lead a dynamic movement assessment, and give you insights to determine key exercise choices and a progression program to move you forward.  Melanie’s expertise is in her ability to reveal key critical reasoning skills and to determine what issues are blocking your client’s ability to progress.  This live 75 minute learning virtual assessment is a mentorship session giving you, the movement instructor, the skills to succeed.  You may also choose to use this session one-on-one with Melanie to ask questions about your complex client without the live client assessment component.

These sessions are designed to give you:

• Creative problem solving and critical reasoning in a live, virtual session

• Integrative thinking in how layers interact within the body

• Confidence to progress your client and move forward

• Practical advice and stepwise progressions based on Melanie's extensive knowledge

• Pattern recognition in order to demystify complex issues

• A chance to ask all of your questions


Cost: $175.00 for a 75 minute online session


Before You Book A Session (please read carefully):

ONLY MOVEMENT INSTRUCTORS may purchase a session below.  Please arrange for you and your client to be in the same physical location during the consultation.  Only one online video link will be sent to the movement instructor.  If your client is not in the same location, we ask that you forward the session Zoom link to your client.

To make scheduling easier, we suggest that you discuss your schedule with your client prior to scheduling and find times in which you're both available.  There is limited availability for consultations at this time.  Melanie is only offering two afternoon times per month on Fridays and Tuesdays (PST). Available 2023 dates: 11/3, & 12/8. Available 2024 dates: 1/16, 2/16, 3/19, 4/26, 5/14, 6/18, 7/23, 8/23, 9/3, 10/22, 11/5, & 12/3.  Alternative date requests can be made by emailing us a week in advance.

After you select the button below, you'll be taken to a payment checkout page where you will pay for the session.  Once the session is paid for, you'll receive an email confirming your login to the MBY Education platform.  You'll need to login to your MBY dashboard, select the injury consultation assessment product you purchased, and click the SCHEDULE NOW button in the upper right of the page.  From there, you'll be directed to a calendar to schedule during Melanie's available times.  The Zoom link to attend your session will be emailed to you immediately once you’ve confirmed a time.

Five minutes before your scheduled session, connect to your Zoom link and also log in to your MBY Education dashboard where you can take notes directly into the dashboard for your reference later on.  You will have access to these notes and any additional suggestions from Melanie following a session in this portal.

DON'T FORGET TO SUBMIT YOUR MBY WAIVER: We request that you and your client sign the MBY Education Medical Waiver prior to the consultation.  Paperwork can be downloaded at the second button below.  Please sign and email it back to us at [email protected]


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