Melanie Byford-Young (MBY) Education is a systematic approach to help movement professionals evaluate and work with injured and complex clients. It is a system designed to help you problem-solve—at your own pace—by understanding WHAT is going on, WHY it is happening, and HOW to help unwind and restore better movement quality and movement confidence.


Virtual & live workshop content presents solutions for instructors working with clients who don’t fit into cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all teaching methods and philosophies. And, taking advantage of video-on-demand packages gives you access to online material forever, so you—like Melanie—can develop the skills over time and recognize the dynamic relationships each component of the body has to one another.


MBY Education considers four triads of critical reasoning when interacting with body movement. Each Integrative Movement triad builds off of the next and supports the others using a foundational understanding of anatomy, biomechanics, and the three-dimensionality of the human body.  Whether you're taking a workshop or a video-on-demand series, you'll recognize and explore these and expand on them in your own client case studies.

Movement professionals can take virtual workshops, purchase video-on-demand packages, subscribe to a replenished library of guided movement tips, or sign up for a mentorship consultation with your complex client.




Check out Melanie's line up of virtual workshops taking place this year.

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Q&A Sessions & Case Studies

90 minute Q&A sessions and Case Studies to engage your critical reasoning skills in real movement scenarios.

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Complex Client Consultations

For movement instructors only, schedule a one-on-one, 75 minute assessment with your complex client.

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Video On Demand Packages

Purchase self-study movement content video packages.

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Subscription Library

Select from 100+ therapeutic Pilates tips and guided movement videos for instructors, fitness trainers, and movement professionals.

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Available Workshops

Interested in a future workshop? Browse the full list of workshops and master series topics taught by Melanie Byford-Young.

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